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The Unizite mission is about digitizing field construction processes in close co-operation with our customers and partners in the industry. We contribute to safer, more productive and more sustainable construction projects. This is our mission.

Field construction software configurable to support your way of working!

Unizite supports your way of planning,  working and reporting in the field. Unizite is flexible and you can even configure  your own  modules.  Companies and projects have different processes and levels of on-site digitizing  – Unizite supports your specific project needs. Even reports in Unizite can be tailored to match any specific design. Unizite is an Enterprise  solution that supports  Industry- and Corporate standards to enable  compliance and analysis for contineous  improvement. 

Tailored by configuration - and decrease IT costs.
Super easy and intuitive mobile user interface.
Keep control with Unizite workflows and notifications
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Project control and decision support with our new start-up center

The new configurable start-up center makes it possible to analyze projects live directly in Unizite without transferring data to external systems. In order to also solve the analysis needs mobile at the construction site, there is now an authority-controlled project overview with “drill down” functionality in the new uniZite app.

We have expertise in digital construction

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