Digitise your project operation

Our BIM Collaboration solution is designed for project-based communication. It reduces risk, prevents miscalculations and increases efficiency. It allows full control of documents and geometric data as well as all BIM data, from idea to delivery. BIM Collaboration allows all project members to cooperate, communicate and share information during every stage of a project. All information is updated and available in the cloud!



Create rooms where project members can review requirements and specifications. Project members can share and update BIM data and increase efficiency by digitising questions and answers.  
BIM data can be accessed without any design tools.




Sync models from design tools
and IFC. Up-to-date BIM data
allows for better project management, calculations and tenders. Digital post-it notes make project meetings more fun and efficient.



Interact, share and communicate documents and models. Every decision is logged and traceable.
All files and models are always up to date and easy to manage. Access inspection and quality control tools on your mobile device.



Transfer information to your digital twin. Oversee building inspections with your mobile device.
Any complaints and disagreements are handled efficiently and transparently.

IFC Viewer

Our new BIM viewer makes it easier in Interaxo to manage your project! 

Our IFC viewer provides a powerful tool for visualisation and secure quality management of your project. It also allows you to manage approval of different BIM models. The viewer makes it easy to navigate multiple models, isolate objects and retrieve object-level metadata.

Startsenter Unizite

Unizite' s new launch centre! 

Unizite’s new launch centre boosts safety, quality and productivity in project management. The new configurable start-up centre delivers real-time data for better outlining and control of projects. It also offers improved analysis and a better foundation on which to base decisions.

What's new? 

Briab and Tribia enter into a partnership

12 November 2020

Briab and Tribia enter into a partnership

Briab and Tribia enter into a partnership to fireproof the construction industry and take the next step in..

You can now create and detail rooms with the new

21 October 2020

You can now create and detail rooms with the new "Room Management" in Bimeye

In Bimeye, you can work with rooms in the early stages of a construction project, even before you have a..

Link your issues to the IFC model

21 October 2020

Link your issues to the IFC model

When creating all kind of issues in Interaxo there is now an option to link the issue to the model or objects..

Bimeye - Imagine a solution that unifies all BIM data into one stabilising centre

The new National Museum in Oslo is build with the help of Interaxo. 

The construction of Fjuk kindergarten and primary school was easy thanks to Interaxo.