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Interaxo creates a good atmosphere in our projects

Thousands of emails and poor communication between the different disciplines in the project. Sound familiar? For Nordplan, life became easier when all project participants started working in the same tool.

Written by Isabelle Odentun

Frode- All work assignments that are not particularly demanding should be automated. For our part, it's about removing unnecessary waste of time and rather focusing on good project implementation, says Frode Hjelmeland.

Frode is a structural engineer with responsibility for the architectural and engineering company Nordplan. With strong growth and new, large projects, the company became completely dependent on good work processes.

The solution was the collaboration tool Interaxo Project. Here, all communication takes place through all phases and with all participants, in one place. They moved the majority of all email conversations to the tool and thus saved a lot of time that would otherwise have been spent searching for emails in the vast ocean of the inbox.

Anyone from plumbers, project managers and builders have access to the tool. In all project phases, this is where the dialogue, drawings, models, changes and decisions take place.

–The construction industry is extremely complex. There are often thousands of decisions to be made and one mistake can quickly stop the entire project, says Hjelmeland.


– With Interaxo, we collect and organize all dialogue and information, so that all project participants always have a good overview and are constantly updated, he says.

Better risk management

Hjelmeland has no doubt that Interaxo contributes to a lot of positive things, not least in terms of uncertainty and risk management. Among other things, he points out that the tool, in addition to collecting and organizing everything that happens, helps to map the dependencies between the decision makers.

– It is extremely valuable that everyone involved has insight into all processes and that decisions are made in an orderly and correct order, he says.


Above the Romsdalsgondolen project in Åndalsnes, one of many projects where Frode Hjelmeland and his Nordplan colleagues have used Interaxo Project.

–All the way through, all information is logged and easily accessible. At the end of the project, the company receives a project report in which all drawings, decisions and dialogues are entered.

Since each customer and each project is unique, the system can be tailored to your needs. You can create your own templates and much more, if necessary, support can also be contacted for help tailoring the tool to your needs.

This is how Interaxo makes everyday life easier

According to Hjelmeland, there is no doubt that Interaxo increased well-being both internally at Nordplan and among other project participants.

–Interaxo undoubtedly contributes to creating a good atmosphere in our projects, he says.


The Norwegian company Tribia is behind the project tool Interaxo.

- Interaxo contributes to a simpler everyday life and what we call project happiness. We make sure that the entire project group solves their tasks correctly, so that the project is delivered according to budget and within the time frames that have been set, explains Kristoffer Fongen, Senior Account Manager.

FOKUS PÅ PROJEKTSUCCÉ: Kristoffer Fongen i Tribia.For Nordplan there has been a need to streamline the filling in of forms when, in connection with a hospital project, they had many craftsmen who needed to manually fill in and deliver a covid form every day.

nordplanFIX-31-torfixBy contacting Tribia, the programmer was able to enter an automatic filling in Interaxo, which, according to Hjelmeland, saved the project participants a lot of time.

- This came into place within a few days and shows that Tribia is a very good partner, says Hjelmeland.

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