Interaxo project an effective project management tool
Interaxo Project

An effective project implementation

The Nordic region's leading solution for the construction industry


Interaxo Project is the collaboration solution that ensures efficient project implementation. When everyone involved has the same, up-to-date information, the risk of errors is reduced. With Interaxo Project, you get full traceability and control over everything that happens in your construction project, from the first sketch to handing over the completed project.

We currently have over 150,000 users spread all over the world, and are considered the industry-leading solution for anyone who builds something. Book a non-binding demo to hear more about how Interaxo Project can contribute to your construction project.


interaxo project

This is how the solution works

Through the sharing of project data, traceable communication, visual audit processes and good decision support, everything is put in place for an efficient and clear project day-to-day for you and your project group. This video shows you how it works.
Interaxo project helps you
Interaxo Project

Full traceability provides control and overview

Interaxo Project has been developed with traceability in mind and based on experience from thousands of projects. Full traceability gives you peace of mind regarding which decisions have been made and the consequences they have for the project.

Some of the functions in Interaxo Project

Visual Boards

Visual boards are a superb tool for you who work and plan according to the LEAN principle, VDC and ICE methodology. The visual representation makes it easier to plan and design the project process correctly from the start.

Active Folders

Active folders enable you to work more efficiently with cases and clarifications using custom metadata. In this way, anyone who has access can easily sort, group and filter the content to find documents and cases.

Revision and publication

Process and project planning with communication between all parties ensures that you have full control over the current audit, and what has been changed and decided. The audit management supports simple import of Excel lists and drawing lists with associated information.

Visualization BIM/3D/2D

Powerful viewers for IFC, DWG, DWF, PDF, TIFF, Office files and standard image files. Navigate through multiple subject models, isolate objects, and get object-level metadata. You also get different versions of a model, which gives you quick access to historical data and the ability to compare two versions.

Traceability and log

Traceability and logging of activities in the project gives you peace of mind about decisions that can have major consequences. Interaxo Project logs when something changes, what changes, who makes the changes, and where in the project room the changes are made.

Access control

Using access control, you can easily manage each room and folder structure without the help of the provider. Each room can have its own folder structure with its own member management, which supports a large number of members with different rights.

The reason why customers choose Interaxo

With Interaxo Project, everyday project life becomes simpler and more transparent. All information is available to everyone involved in the project - through all phases of the project. You get full control over changes and deviations with workflow and process overview, and move the dialogue from unclear e-mail communication to a common, smart solution that supports your way of working.


The biggest advantages with Interaxo Project
  • Strengthens interaction and provides better overview and control in the construction project
  • Contributes to reducing deviations
  • Full traceability/log
  • Contributes to reducing overall time spent in the project


Additional products

Interaxo Export

Interaxo supports archiving and export of individual documents or groups of documents. All content can also be downloaded to a local PC, regardless of file type. Tribia offers the additional product Interaxo Export as well, which allows a complete project room with associated content to be exported.

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Interaxo API

With Interaxo’s open API, you can connect together the systems you use every day. Our API allows you to download and update information from Interaxo to other systems and applications. You can also create and update items and files from other systems and solutions in Interaxo, and ensure that the information is automatically downloaded to Interaxo and made available to other project members.

Outlook 2 Web

If you’ve ever tried moving email and attachments directly from Outlook to a web-based application, you’ve probably realised it’s not easy. This is because the files have to be downloaded to a file server before they can be dragged to the web application. They then have to be manually deleted from the file server. The Outlook2Web plug-in will do this in one quick and easy process. All you need to do is to install the plug-in. After that you can drag emails and attachments directly from Outlook to Interaxo.

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Two-factor authentication

By using two-factor authentication from Tribia, you can increase the security of you login. In this way, you log in with your password, as well as a code on sms. This makes your account more secure because it prevents unauthorized people from logging in to you account even if they know your password.


Curious about what Interaxo can do for your project?

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