Share your information safely in the cloud

You can share documents, decisions and workflow with all the members in the group. 

Bring more efficiency into all
your projects

Interaxo allows you to share documents with everyone involved during all phases of the project. Keep track of revision and deviations with your tailor-made workflow and document management.

We guarantee that all documents and communication is logged in Interaxo. With our Visual Boards we can provide a tool that gives you an overall view of the project to secure an efficient building project. 


We make it easy to keep track of your workflow

With Interaxo you can automate critical processes with workflow templates and improve the efficiency of the work group and your projects. The workflow shows exactly how you work and how the project is proceeding.


Interaction and document management

Interaxo is an efficient tool for interaction and communication as to documents and work processes. 

You can invite both internal and external members. By subscribing to changes, you can be in full control at all times. In Interaxo, all types of electronic files can be stored - and they are easily accessible to members. You can search, edit, and share your documents with others. Everything is traceable.

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Change Management

Every construction project is constantly driven by changes which can lead to an overwhelming amount of e-mails. 

The final settlement can drag out and come to be expensive. The change management tool in Interaxo allows you to gather all your information in one place and therefor simplify your decision-making process. It is easy to avoid disputes and remain in full control over all documentation and communication regarding changes.


Visual Boards

Replace your post-it notes with a digital surface. We've got your back when working with VDC-methodology. 

Visual Boards is a digital post-it note made to help you achieve full visual overview through various phases of the projects. From planning to procurement of tenders and execution.
Working with Visual Boards makes your work tasks easier and your work more efficient. The visual presentation makes it easy to plan and design the project process from the start. Replace your handwritten post-it notes with our digital ones. Use the drag-and-drop functionality to move tasks between days, subjects and members. With the Visual Boards tool - all project members can answer questions and plan further progress - all in one place.


How to secure the right interaction

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Decision making

During the liftetime of a project there are often changes, approvals, revisions and deviations - all must be reported and recorded. Working in Interaxo you will always stay in control when it comes to; when, where, what and who.


Good communication is essential in any project.With Interaxo as your partner - updated and current information is at your fingertips at all times.