The software that gives you full control and structure of the construction project

Our industry-leading software for collaboration helps you have control

Interaxo has gradually become a well-known collaboration software in the construction industry and a must for many construction projects.
With a good collaboration software, everyone is on the same, updated information all the time. With over 50,000 daily users in the Nordic region, Interaxo is almost an industry standard in many construction projects.



This is why our customers choose Interaxo

Interaxo is the market leader in digital collaboration for construction projects in the Nordic region with over 50,000 daily users. Our customers choose us because we have a strong focus on delivering a seamless service that makes your project's everyday life easier, more cost-effective and not least - ensures a transparent and open interaction between everyone involved.

With Interaxo you get, among other things:

....and much more. Take a look at all available features here, or contact us via the form below for a free demonstration of the solution. We look forward to helping you on the path to project happiness!


"With the help of Interaxo, we can structure our project and get a complete overview and control of each step in the process. With solutions from Tribia, our projects are time-efficient and cost-effective."

Daniel Ekström Project Manager, Serneke

"With the help of Interaxo, we can plan and structure the project's progress. The question and answer lists have helped us with the documentation in the project. It is mainly the Weekly View and the Questionnaire that are the aspects we have looked at. We have used Interaxo exclusively for milestones, deliveries and questions."

Anna Joelsson Project Manager, NCC Building

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