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The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency extends its cooperation with Tribia!

26 May 2020

The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency extends its cooperation with Tribia!

The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency has used Tribia’s digital building solutions since 2004. A new competitive tender was recently announced, as the previous agreement expired. Tribia won the tender, and the newly signed agreements have a total value of about NOK 8 million, covering some 130 concurrent projects for a period of up to 6 years. The agreement comprises the cloud-based interactive solution Interaxo, consultancy on project methodology, training and support.


Efficient information exchange in a digitised construction industry

“The need for information exchange in development projects is central to the Agency. We already had a long-standing relationship and know each other well – cooperation characterised by good and constructive dialogue in which we developed user-friendly and efficient processes for the Agency. So, we are very pleased and proud that the Agency has chosen to continue this good cooperation with us going forward,” says Roger Einås, Key Account Manager at Tribia and responsible for the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency.

“With the digitisation that is generally taking place in the construction industry, and in which the Agency is a driving force, we look forward to continuing to work with them over the next 6 years. We believe that our strategy ‘of delivering a BIM Collaboration solution in which projects collect, quality assure and communicate building information in one solution through all the phases of the project’ will be in line with what the Agency wants to achieve in the coming years,” concludes Roger Einås,



About the agreement:

The framework agreement covers the Agency’s requirement for an interactive solution of efficient information exchange between internal and external actors in projects managed by the Agency.

The Agency is responsible for implementing planning and construction. In these phases, many professional experts are involved in dedicated construction projects. The purpose of the agreement is to provide the Agency with an efficient, interactive cloud-based platform that supports the professional experts’ workflow and interaction around an always up-to-date BIM model for construction and other data.


“Tribia has developed competence and in-depth knowledge of interactive solutions for the construction industry, which will benefit the Agency. Together with Tribia, we have enjoyed good, solid cooperation over many years, which builds a strong foundation for the next phase. We look forward to continuing,” 
says Laila Morønning, Head of Department Project and Development,
the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency.


For more information, please contact:
Steinar Svinø, Administrerende Direktør, Tribia AS
Telephone: +47 952 92 174, email: