Bimeye 2 End of Life Announcement

Written by Anna Daneshvar

Bimeye 2 will not be available after the first of July 2022. If you have a project in Bimeye 2 that will finish or complete after 1st of July we recommend that you contact us to migrate the project to the newest version of Bimeye.

Bimeye version 2 is shutting down

Based on the feedback we have gotten from our customers and projects end of life for Bimeye 2 ( will be 1st of July 2022. The system has not have any new projects started up since early 2021 and many indicated that their projects will finish in the first half of 2022.


Q: What do I do if my project will run longer than this summer?

A: Contact us at with the title Bimeye 2 migration with the following details: Project name, current phase of the construction project, projected duration, apps used and what design tool the model is made with.

Q: What if I am unsure about whether my project will meet the deadline?

A: You don’t have to decide if you will migrate or not now, the migration will be between March and finish in June. The deadline for this decision is 1st of June for us to help with migration since we cannot guarantee that we will be able to complete migration before we shut the version down after this.

Q: What does a migration to the new version of Bimeye involve?

A: Details will be determined in dialog with each project but in short, a migration will involve synchronization of models to the new version, migration of the configuration and data, update the report templates, and add permissions and users. During the process Bimeye will not be available for use and early indications point towards 2-4 days to migrate a project before it will be available again.

Q: Will Bimeye 3 fulfill my needs?

A: Bimeye 3 has the same functionality as Bimeye 2 but the exact way of working can vary a bit between the versions. We will add updated and expanded user help/manual in addition to extra webinars closer to the summer to ensure a smooth transition. Contact our support so we can answer specifics about your project’s needs.

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