NCC, Wayss & Freytags experience of Interaxo's Visual Boards

Written by Anna Daneshvar

Sebastian Bömer, Design Coordinator in the project, talks about his experiences with the use of Interaxos Visual Boards in the Korsvägen project. Illustration: White Arkitekter.

The project is a partnering contract, where NCC and German Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG, on behalf of the Swedish Transport Administration, is building the Korsvägen section in Gothenburg, which involves 3.2 km of double-track railway in a tunnel and a new underground station being constructed at the Korsvägen transport hub in central Gothenburg.

The contract is being carried out in partnership with the Swedish Transport Administration, following the model of NCC Partnering – a structured form of cooperation that enables developers, consultants, and contractors to jointly solve construction assignments and make decisions in the best interests of the project. The method is based on honest cooperation, transparent operations and allowing various areas of expertise to complement each other throughout the construction process.

Korsvägen is a large and complex project with many participating disciplines

"Visual Boards in interaxo are super easy to get started with. Many of the project members only needed a short introduction to get started and then they learned by doing,” says Sebastian Bömer, Design Coordinator in the project.

Visual Boards gives you the overview you need to hold effective meetings and ensure smooth follow-up of various questions and issues. Questions and answers that arise along the way are handled on an ongoing basis to ensure that the projects proceed as planned. Project stakeholders from different disciplines submit their questions and ensure that they are delegated to the right groups and thus can be answered correctly.

"Our work practices and the fact that it is an open system adds transparency across disciplines and promote real good teamwork. It is also important to be able to track questions and decisions, especially in a long-term project where participants exist, and new people join during the project," says Sebastian.

Visual Boards can be used for several purposes and tasks in different phases of the project

"In project Korsvägen, we started using the Visual Boards in the design phase, but we could have used it at an earlier stage to gather all our communication and completely avoid email," says Sebastian.

By using Interaxo and Visual Boards, you can minimize the number of emails in the project, you streamline the work and clarifications regarding action points before, after and during the meeting.

"I definitely recommend other projects to use Interaxos Visual Boards", Sebastian concludes.

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