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Link your issues to the IFC model

21 October 2020

Link your issues to the IFC model

When creating all kind of issues in Interaxo there is now an option to link the issue to the model or objects in the model.

That will help the project participants to easily document and collaborate around the issue and help solving the issues faster with better knowledge about the real problem.

When inside an entry you will find a button that says “Link to model”:

The first time you will be asked to select your default IFC files to load when entering the viewer. It could be a single IFC file or multiple. Often customers have both discipline models and a complete IFC model stored in a separate folder. Then you also can select the folder itself.

When the model(s) has loaded in the viewer you have the “Link” button up in the right corner. You can link as many times you want.

Every time you link, a snapshot of the view is stored in the entry in Interaxo. When you click on the model link snapshot you will be directed to the viewer, the model is loaded, and the snapshot will automatically direct you to the view where you took the snapshot originally.

For more information regarding the solution, please see our website or contact us directly for a demo.

Here you can also find the release notes regarding the new product updates.