Improvements in Bimeye - Release 3.10

Written by Anna Daneshvar


In Bimeye, there are now improvements in functionality and support for phases.

Work more efficiently with predefined lists in Bimeye

Now you will work more efficiently with predefined lists in Bimeye. Based on existing articles, you can now create new ones with a simple click. Directly in Bimeye's grid, you can create completely new, as well as duplicate and edit articles. In addition, the search functionality has been improved, which means that it is faster to find the right article.

This means that you who are to enrich the project's objects with information will do this faster and more securely than before.

Support for Revit's phases in Bimeye

Revit's phases in Bimeye are now supported, which means that the objects' relation to the project's phases is reproduced in Bimeye's grid. By activating "Phases" in your Bimeye project, project participants can easily create filters to project the room affiliation for the selected phase.

If you are interested in reading more about release notes 3.10, you can do it here.

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