Documents, drawings and BIM for everybody on production site!

Written by Tord Svanqvist

Tribias field solution uniZite supports a number of digital processes on-site and creates values in increased productivity, quality and safety. A basic condition for this is the access to documents, drawings and BIM model in the field. The integration between Interaxo and uniZite ensures that the correct document with the latest version reach everybody on site. The mobile access to the BIM model on the construction site improves collaboration and makes it possible to connect all production issues to the model – enabling valuable analysis!

New digital processes for increased quality and productivity

The digitizing of the construction industry started some 30 years ago when architects and engineers started to use CAD and software applications for planning, calculation and material take-off. After 10 years digital documents and drawings reached the construction site by internet access and mobile devices. The construction processes did not change much but the reporting became digital resulting in better overview and traceability.

The last five years digitizing in the field has really been taking off and now all teams are users having access to information, documents and models. This makes it possible to co-operate in real time by new and more efficient workflows that increase quality and productivity.


Documents, drawings and BIM for everybody on-site

A fundamental prerequisite for increased productivity is everybody’s access to correct information. When all teams co-operate digitally around design, deviations and changes, in one common solution -100% correct version is crucial.

The integration between uniZite and the document management in Interaxo ensures that the correct document with the correct version automatically reach the production teams on-site.


The 2D floor plan view is the base for collaboration and overview

In uniZite the floor plan drawings are typically organized by floor and discipline. Space from the model generates active polygon areas in 2D. If there is no model available the polygons can be created manually in the uniZite admin web. When the different issue types like checklists and deviations  are placed in 2D, the room id are picked up and the issue is connected to space in 2D and 3D.

We have the overview in 2D, but if you want to see tasks appointed to you, the inboxes are the place to look!

3D BIM-viewer integrated with the 2D-plane view drawings

BIM at the construction site creates the same conditions for collaboration in production as in the design and pre-construction planning phase.

The model gives us object and system information in the field as well as  issue and task overview.  This makes the work more efficient. The easiest way to navigate in 3D is to start from the floor plan in 2D, where we also can place and see the issues of interest. Then we turn on 3D and find ourselves in the same space in the model. This is an intuitive way of navigation and it requires a minimum of training.

In the model it is easy to walk around and study geometries of the chosen disciplines and simply klick on any object for parameter details. The BIM field viewer also makes it possible to connect production issues to object- and system directly in the field. 

The field BIM viewer makes it possible to connect events and issues in production to the designed asset structure

By the connection of issues and deviations to model space, object and system – the data gap between the office and the field can be closed.

Production events and issues can be and analysed and fed back to the BIM database BIMEYE via the object- system reference. The addition of production data to the BIM model makes it possible for us to make cross discipline analysis and to make better decisions. Decisions based on data!


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