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Tyréns creates new digital business opportunities

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Written by Anna Daneshvar
A changing market creates new business opportunities for our customer Tyréns. The digital trends make it possible for the real estate industry to create new business models.

One ambitious project of this sort is the Oekern Portal in Oslo, Norway, where the consultant enterprise, Tyréns, are hired in by Newsec to secure the structure and collection of all data needed for creating a digital twin. The process is a collaboration between both Tyréns, Telia and our sister company Symetri.

To secure the collection task, Tyréns, together with us at Tribia, have implemented a new service called DAMaas (Digital Asset Management as a service).

This new service is built based on our collaboration solutions Interaxo and BIMEYE 

With these services you can secure the quality and the sharing of the maintenance data and supporting information in a process (data, documents and files). This information is imperative to be able to collect in a comprehensive project like the Oekern Portal.

With our solutions you ensure improved collaboration in your projects

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