Dive into how Bimeye can change your way of working with BIM

Written by Anna Daneshvar

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Are you working as a project leader?
And are you looking for ways to become more efficient, improve collaboration and save precious time working with asset management in your projects?
And would you like to increase project productivity by quitting doing the same manual processes repeatedly, with duplicate information in each new project?

Then you should do like the project leaders at Vasakronan, Sweden. Change to a digital system where you can re-use your former database, save time and reduce costs:

Streamline Your Planning with Bimeye Asset Management

In a report from Chalmers university, it was revealed that 80% of all the projects, builders are running are the same practices, and only 20% are unique. By adding Bimeye to your asset Management in your next building project, you and your team will ease the collaboration throughout the entire project by being able to focus on the 20% that are unique for each project, as the 80% of the practices will be done based on the digital methodology in Bimeye.

Documentation is key to become sustainable, cost efficient and invulnerable to human dependency

For example, with doors, you can create, change, sort and publish door specifications, even when distributed in several model files in the same projects. All you need is access to the internet.

To be able to reuse your learnings from your latest projects, it must be duely documented, in a system independent of any human memory, stored in a common database.

This is what you do in Bimeye. Make a copy and quit doing the same manual processes repeatedly, with duplicate information in each new project. Re-use your former project database by transferring your best practices from your latest project, and then fill in the blanks. The uncertainty of the information leaving the company when an employee is moving away, is thereby also eliminated.

In a normal manual project planning of doors, there are many changes when the sub-suppliers can pick and choose from any product or supplier. By using Bimeye for your asset management, this process can be streamlined significantly, saving hours of work, and reducing costs in general.

The Bimeye Methodology

In Bimeye you work in a Common Data Environment solution. Meaning one accessible platform for all data exchange, storing, synchronisation. Here, you and your partners in your project log in to a new way of working with BIM; work together collecting, sharing and handling all information on for example all your doors in your projects. And gather all reports of door lists automatically – with a click of the mouse - anytime you need it. And synch new information back to the model.

What do others say?

Customers report that they experience:

  • Valuable time saving
  • Easy to qualify all asset information
  • Data is synched between Bimeye and one or more model files
  • Data is always updated through the logged access to the database
  • Easy access through Bimeye, even on the building site
  • Improved control on the fittings in projects
  • The right tool from calculation to production
  • Improved documentation for the aftersales market
  • Improved possibility to assist our sub-suppliers in becoming more efficient
  • A clear border line already in the early stages of production
  • Common self-monitoring for all sub-suppliers working on the doors
  • Templates that streamline and enable 100% safety in procurement and calculation

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