Bimeye and PEAB Network Meeting

Written by Anna Daneshvar

Our consultants had the opportunity to show how Bimeye can support PEAB's processes such as handling of all building components from design, production, to handover and management.

We humbly agreed to attend PEAB's internal network meeting

Our consultants in the Bimeye team participated and presented Bimeye at PEAB's internal network meeting, which was initially to take place at PEAB's office in Solna, but which was eventually carried out digitally in view of the prevailing circumstances. Tribia's solution Bimeye has, among other things, supported the process around door environments in PEAB's project Platinan and the purpose of our participation in the network meeting was to spread knowledge about how we can support the projects partly with the tools we provide, but also with the work methodology linked to the tools.

Project Platinan and Bimeye

In the Platinan project, PEAB won the BIM d’Or digitization award for best international construction project. The award is given for how to optimize construction logistics and contribute to exchanges and common standards through international cooperation. In this project, PEAB has shown the digital direction for both employees and subcontractors, which leads to an increase in skills for the entire project organization. Through Bimeye, PEAB has been able to hand over a digital twin to Vasakronan, a management model in 3D that will streamline management work in the future.

On 3 November, a presentation was held on Bimeye's door environments, where our consultants Petter Alm, Viktor Fryklund and Georgios Drivas had the opportunity to show how Bimeye can support PEAB's processes and how, among other things, the purchasing process of door environments is made more efficient with Bimeye.

In this way, PEAB can handle all steps from setting requirements until production is complete. This means that they can handle all building parts in their building and construction projects from design, production, up to handover and management.

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