Webinar: How we create the conditions for a Digital Twin with DAMaaS, Tyréns AB

Linus Malm, digitalization strategist and innovation leader at Tyréns AB's webinar is about "How we create the conditions for a Digital Twin with DAMaaS - Digital Asset Management as a Service." 

In the webinar, Linus Malm tells more about the Ökern Portal project but also experience from other customers and its insights for creating conditions for a Digital Twin.

(Note: The webinar is in Swedish language with English subtitles.)

"The construction industry is facing a major challenge to take care of the new type of digital information from BIM and other databases. The existing stock will also gradually need to be digitized to be able to use new technology such as AI and Machine Learning," says Linus Malm.

"Today we work with one of Norway's smartest buildings where we use the tools Bimeye and Interaxo to offer Digital Asset Management as a Service. The service, A digital information management, means that we take advantage of the information structure BIM provides. In the project we collected FDV documentation via Interaxo and with the help of Bimeye, we connect it with BIM ", says Linus Malm.

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