Interaxo digital twin and BIM

Digital Twin

A digital twin is a digital representation of a construction project with the aim of simplifying the management of its life cycle and operation. Digital twins can be connected and added to each other to handle very complex scenarios. The digital twin representation can be extended with additional technologies such as simulation, optimization, and machine learning to realize additional benefits.

The trend towards smarter buildings is on the rise, and so are expectations of long-term building sustainability. A digital twin strategy is well suited to this development, and the real estate sector is beginning to realize this. The establishment of new consumer services and behavioral models is also possible with digital twins. (Here you can read more about how Addnode Group works with sustainability and digital twins).

Project Økern Portal - Symetri & Tribia in collaboration with Tyréns AB

This architectural design model is the reason for Økern portal's digital twin. Architects created the digital model of the building with Naviate software from Symetri together with Autodesk software. With the Symetri solutions, the project was prepared for maintenance in the early phase of the project. Tribia's solution Interaxo helps secure the structure of all data needed to create a digital twin.

Watch the video to gain more insight into how Tribia has contributed to the Økern Portal project's innovation, digitization and digital twin.