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Solutions and features

Interaxo allows you to save all types of files so they are easily accessible to all project members. You can search for, edit, and share files with others. You also get better control over all processes, as everything is traceable

All functions, customizatins, additional products and processes that Interaxo provides are listed below.


Interaxo gives you support for the processes related to your construction project. Click + to read more about each solution.

Change management

In Interaxo you can build up relevant processes based on changes. This may include messages about changes, a change request from the contractor or a change order from the builder.

A customised workflow allows requirements to be handled in an optimal way and by the right people. Every change is logged, making all information related to the change traceable. A comment field simplifies communication between project participants, allowing you to keep the number of emails and phone calls to a minimum and ensuring that all changes are handled as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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Deviation management

All deviations in Interaxo can be synchronised directly to the model in our BIM viewer, either by linking to the object from the item or creating an item while you are in the model. 

As all deviations are registered in Interaxo, they can be used in other projects. You can easily create an overview of all kinds of deviations and compare them with other projects to see what improvements can be made.

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Drawing management

Interaxo gives you access to a clear overview of all the drawings in the project, divided into type (e.g. plan and section), discipline, format, scale, version, etc. This makes it easy to find drawings – and to group them and search for what you need. The drawing file opens at the touch of a button on the link in the drawing list.

Interaxo has a separate function for ordering drawings that is designed like a traditional web shop. Users with the right permissions can easily put a check by the drawings and files they want to order a printout of and then click on ‘Add order’. 

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Version control

Interaxo’s version control supports imports of Excel lists, e.g. a document list or drawing list with associated information. The version control also supports imports of multiple files at the same time. The files are automatically linked to the correct item, based on the document number or drawing number. Interaxo automatically generates a new version number and version date when a revised document is uploaded.

When a version has been approved, it can be published to a final step, ‘current version’, and be approved as the current version. This step always includes the latest drawing, model or document version. When a new version is published, the previous version is automatically sent to the step ‘previous version’. With the automatic version control in workflows with publication, there is no doubt about which version is the current one. 

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Cases and tasks

Actions and questions are best handled in an active workflow folder in Interaxo. New action points can be registered directly from your mobile using pictures and metadata. Registration can be done either via the mobile app Interaxo OnSite or directly in the web browser. You can use different action lists in a project, preferably with different metadata for the best possible overview.

New measures are registered at the touch of the ‘New entry’ button in Interaxo. A user with the correct permissions fills out the form in accordance with the picture on the right. This is just an example and naturally the window may contain other metadata, titles, etc. based on need.

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Efficient meeting methods

Traditional minutes of meetings can be drawn up and made available to the whole project team, and the use of action lists makes all the preparatory work easier and simplifies the audit process. Visual Boards gives you the overview you need to hold efficient meetings and ensure flexible follow-up of questions and matters.

Visual Boards, which is based on the principles of LEAN, is an excellent tool for projects in the planning phase. As the visual presentation is based on a combination of VDC and ICE methodology, it is much easier to plan and design projects with greater precision right from the start-up. Q&A boards facilitate handling of questions and answers that arise in a project, resulting in reduced administration and meeting time. Projects can also be implemented more efficiently, while making it easier to engage participants in the meeting.

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Traceable collaboration

Interaxo has been developed with traceability in mind and is based on the experience of thousands of projects covering huge issues. Full traceability gives you better control, as you can easily see what decisions have been made and what the consequences are.

In active folders, a document or case with its associated documents can be organised according to your own defined metadata and assigned a separate log. The log is used actively in the project, including to see who approved a particular record being sent to another step of the audit process and the time it was done. Each logged record shows who did what, when and where the change was made. This ensures that no changes to documents or associated metadata are made without traceability.

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Collaction of data and documentation for operation and maintenance

There is a legal requirement to collect and document data for construction projects. It covers management, operation and maintenance. Interaxo will help you collect and submit data and documentation in structured and controlled forms, thereby avoiding unnecessary stress at the end of your projects.

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Interaxo makes information available to everyone involved in the project through all phases of the project. Keep track of change management with workflow and process overview. Click + to read more about each feature.


Interaxo is a cloud-based collaboration solution for internal and external project members. The solution has been specially developed for construction projects, with the focus on user-friendliness, traceability and security. Book demo

Document management

Interaxo allows you to build up your own document structure, and for normal file management these are called simple folders. You will definitely recognise simple folders from Windows, but Interaxo also includes support for version control, version comments and access control. Book demo

Active folders

Active folders allaow you to work more efficiently with issues and clarifications using custom metadata. Anyone with access to the prosject structure in Interaxo can easily sort, group, and filter the content to retrive documents and cases.  Book demo

Workflows and audits

Interaxo offers active workflow folders, where you can easily build a workflow with steps to support different processes in the construction project. Each step can have its own access control and you can add rules such as who is responsible for the next step in the process as well as automatic reminders. Hence, you can support your specific processes in the project, and ensure effective and correct decisions. 

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Version control and publishing

In Interaxo you can follow the processes and planning and simplify communication with other project stakeholders, giving you control over everything that happens.

The workflow supports imports of Excel lists, e.g. a document list or drawing list with associated information. The version control also supports imports of multiple files at the same time. The files are automatically linked to the correct item, based on the document number or drawing number.

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Visual Boards

Visual Boards is an excellent tool for projects in the planning phase, within the LEAN framework. The visual presentation is based on a combination of VDC and ICE methodology, making it much easier to plan and design projects with greater precision right from start-up.

Project stakeholders from different industries and disciplines post their questions and make sure they are delegated to the right groups and can thereby be answered correctly. In addition to this, can the project manager use milestones and add important dates to the planning, which will be visible to the whole project team. 

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Visualisation BIM/3D/2D

Interaxo has powerful viewers for IFC, DWG, DWF, PDF, TIFF, Office-files and standard image files. The IFC viewer gives you access to features that will help you navigate industry models, isolate objects and show metadata at object level. The viewer also gives you quick and easy access to previous versions of the models, and you can compare two versions to see what has changed from the previous version.

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Traceability and logging

Traceability and logging are two of the biggest advantages of Interaxo. Full traceability gives you better control, as you can easily see what decisions have been made and what the consequences are. Book demo

Archiving and export

Interaxo supports archiving and export of individual documents or groups of documents. All content can also be downloaded to a local PC, regardless of file type. Tribia offers the additional product Interaxo Export as well, which allows a complete project room with associated content to be exported.

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Access control

Interaxo has a user-friendly, flexible feature for access control that is easy for a designated administrator user to administer. Every project room can have its own unique folder structure, with its own member management and support for a large number of members with different rights and roles. Interaxo stores access control as part of a template for a project room, so the rights are predefined when new projects are created. This does of course require the rights to be defined for all member groups, e.g. based on industry affiliation or project role. Book demo


Tribia has delivered collaboration solutions to its customers since 2001, with the focus on stability and security. Extra emphasis has been placed on a safe operating environment. The physical operating environment is located in Norway and protected by Norwegian legislation.

  • Data stored on Interaxo is backed up twice a day, and deleted/changes files are stored for 20 days. 
  • All data that goes over the network to and from Interaxo is encrypted, such as username and password. None of our servers is exposed to the Internet, preventing access to underlying systems and external system users/passwords.
  • Tribia cooperates with several external security companies that regularly security test our systems. Black box and white box tests are performed, as well as Red Team tests.
  • Increase log-in security using Tribia’s two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication adds an extra level of security when logging in that means that you log in with something you know (i.e. your password) and something you receive (e.g. a code on the phone). 
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Interaxo is completely cloud-based, which means that you only need a browser to use the solution via a PC or tablet. Tribia has also developed a couple of mobile apps to cover different needs. The Interaxo onSite app makes it much easier to carry out inspections on the construction site. All deviations are recorded quickly and easily via the app. With Interaxo Mobile you have access to your documents in Interaxo wherever you are. You can view Microsoft Office files and open images and PDFs in the integrated viewer in the Interaxo app. All important metadata from the items can also be displayed.

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Customise the tool to you and not the other way around. Interaxo´s strenght is largely based on flexibility, and that it is very easy to customise to fit the needs that arise in projects.


One of the main advantages of Interaxo is that it’s a flexible solution that can easily be configured and customised to the needs of a specific project. The solution is administered by the user so it requires no, or very limited, support from the IT department.

You can define and save your own project room templates using predefined and customisable settings. When you start a new project, you can create one or more rooms based on the customer’s own project room templates. This gives the project access to a customised project room with the same folder structure, workflows, access control and notification settings as in the project room template.

Of course, one template cannot be used for all projects – that's why we often help our customers to create two or three different template sets based on the scope and complexity of the projects.

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With Interaxo’s open API, you can connect together the systems you use every day. Our API allows you to download and update information from Interaxo to other systems and applications. You can also create and update items and files from other systems and solutions in Interaxo, and ensure that the information is automatically downloaded to Interaxo and made available to other project members.

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Additional products
With the help of our additional products for Interaxo, you can solve several of your challanges.

Interaxo Export

Tribia has a solution that allows you to export all the content in a readable format that can be saved or integrated into other solutions. The information can be exported to a USB stick, an external hard drive or the company’s FTP server. The entire folder structure, including all folders, metadata, information and member lists, will be included. The export can also be based on access control and be used by different parties. Read more

Interaxo API

Make the most of the possibilities offered by our API – connect your solutions to Interaxo to streamline your work! Thousands of customers use Interaxo daily for secure sharing and control of documents, drawings and models. With the Interaxo API, system owners can integrate and customise automated processes for their customers and simplify their work. Examples of integrations include collecting data from web forms, access to drawings and models from mobile field tools and continuous archiving of information. Order Interaxo API on the form via the link below.

Outlook 2 Web

If you’ve ever tried moving email and attachments directly from Outlook to a web-based application, you’ve probably realised it’s not easy. This is because the files have to be downloaded to a file server before they can be dragged to the web application. They then have to be manually deleted from the file server. The Outlook2Web plug-in will do this in one quick and easy process. All you need to do is to install the plug-in. After that you can drag emails and attachments directly from Outlook to Interaxo. Place your order on the form via the link below.

Multi-factor authenication

By using two-factor authentication from Tribia, you can increase the security of you login. In this way, you log in with your passwod, as well as a code on sms. This makes your account more secure because it prevents unauthorized people from logging in to you account even if they know your password.  Book demo

Collection of operation and maintenance data

With Interaxo, you can get structure, work process and method that kan contribute to an efficient, continuous and structured collection and completion of operation and maintenance data to be handed over from construction projects. The template is flexible and can be adapted to how you want to work, classify, and structure the documentation.  Read more
Why should you choose Interaxo

A solution for collaboration and document management

Creating an overview and control over your prosject can be challenging, and it is not always easy to keep track of everything that happends - that is why many choose to use Interaxo. Interaxo is a secure place for collaboration and document management in the cloud. It is easy to implement and quickly becomes a natural part of the workflow. 

Interaxo for different roles

Project Manager

The role as project manager can be very challanging. Interaxo helps you keep control of all drawings and models handled during the project.


Interaxo helps you to ensure that delivieries can be made on time, and that project documentations can be easily shared and communicated between all projects.

Building Owner

We know that you as building owner are concerned with having a full overview and control over your projects. Interaxo is good support in the decision-making process, change management and reporting.

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