Proactive quality control

A proactive field quality control plan can substantially reduce rework and eliminate future quality problems, even in the ongoing project. The field quality plan is an integrated part of the total quality plan of the project, comprising quality of construction, work, safety and environment. The use of standardized company quality checklists makes it possible to analyse quality  to make decisions based on facts over time. When field quality data is added to a standardized BIM information model valuable insights for analysis and continuous improvement can be obtained.

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Mobile self-monitoring checklists for all teams and contractors.
Verify quality and reduce re-work,
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As-built data collection for BIM export. 
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Plan quality control as an integrated part of construction

Quality control can be planned as an integrated part of the construction work. Especially in the beginning of a project it is  possible to resolve issues and take proactive action already in the ongoing project and not only learn for the future.

Coordinated system testing is another field that require planning in the pre construction phase.  Test cases needs to be developed and syncronized between the contractors formning an integrated part of the specification itself.  The test cases are configured quality checklists and any deviations are managed as quality issues. 

Find quality checklists by filtering the QC-inbox or at location in drawing

In Unizite all checklists and issues can be placed in a 2D/3D drawing location Checklists are also visible in list view and can be filtered by state,  location or any other parameter. Smart and configurable inboxes are used to present   checklists and quality deviations through the quality assurance workflow.  

As quality issues connected to a checklists are resolved the state of the checklist will change.  The progress of the checklist and if there are deviations connected to the checklist  is also visible in the drawing symbol! 

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Quality checklist deviations

If there is a deviation on a checkpoint, an issue is created by one click and defined by entering the deviation parameter values. 

Qulity checklist-  and deviation status  are  complied in quality reports for manual or automatic distribution.  

The quality deviations  can be managed in closed loop workflows  just as any issues in project collaboration. Simply assign the deviations and let Unizite notify and follow up deadlines.   

Advanced quality checklists

Unizite has a number of specialized checklist templates for different purposes.  The multi asset checklist has a number of checkpoints per asset. The assets are uploaded from excel or transferred from a BIM db. This type of checklist can be used to ensure quality and to track progress per object. 

The checklist for integrated system testing has information uploaded per system and test case. 

Unizite has the most configurable checklist module in the market -and the good thing is that the reporting is integrated and follows any checklist configuration to generate automated reports with the same structure and format as the checklist. 

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Analyse quality data and feed back for continuous improvement

Unizite has dynamic reporting components to be placed in the start center of the office interface or even to be e-mailed to any recipient.  

Further analysis based on a combination of data from different sources is made in the Unizite construction intelligence  QBIM solution. This is a separate cloud service developed in co-operation between Unizite and QBIM. The QBIM platform is designed to efficiently combine data from multiple sources to generate dynamic construction intelligence – as a service!