Configurable inspections and powerful reporting

Unizite comes with a number of configurable inspection templates  to get started in a minute. Inspection checklists can be  tailored in Unizite to meet specific deamands or work flows.  The Unizite field app is totally dynamic and generates views  as you set up the checklists in office. The app has  offline capability.

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Build standard checklists and adapt them per project.
Customer specific reports with any content for automatic distribution.
Analyze and improve by dynamic drill down reports.

Unizite reporting  is dynamic to  any  checklist configuration and produces reports according to your design,  compiled of text, data and pictures,  BIM screens and  drawing segments showing locations of checklists and related issues and deviations.  Smart links  from the report to the issue in the system makes it easy to find out more and investigate. The ability to comply any combination of content in any report design – makes  Unizite reporting unique.

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Fast and easy inspection configuration!

Set up  the parameters  you want to enter for the inspection asset. Continue with  inspection points per section and enter any  required registrations or picture; per point.  The parameters are used to define the asset you are inspecting and  enable  search per parameter in reports and list views. Each parameter can be given predefined options; to minimize typing in the field. Finally set up the  deviation  definition connected to the inspection – and start inspection! 

Run inspection reports from the office or send them directly from the mobile!

Generation and distribution of inspection reports can be totally automated in Unizite. The report is added to a mail and distributed according to a configurable distribution list per usergroup. 

A notification mail can have issue links and an attached report  to provide additional information about an issue or a project event.


Dynamic drill down reports offer powerful analysis of deviations, changes and issues

Unizite checklists and issues are connected to location. Visual  in the drawings and as data relations.  If  the location  has  object BIM data  or other  location parameters,  theese data can be added to the checklist.  This saves a lot of manual registration and offers powerful analysis combining checklist and deviation data to location/asset data.   

Add solutions and get inspection of condition, progress, quality and safety - in one solution Unizite!

Try the one solution that works out of the box in a few minutes – but can be configured to support any  field processes  the way you work in your project!

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