Inspection on completion, hand over and warranty

When the works according to the contract are complete its finally time to hand over to the client. Unizite support the field processes involved and create the formal documents to be signed, shared and filed. Everything  from a pad or a phone in the field, together with the client!

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Ensures digital handover documentation and reduces manual administration.
Digital Inspection reports and hand over documents signed, saved and shared in the field.
Deviation mark-up and digital warranty claim process.

Efficient hand over planning

Depending on project type and contract, hand over data- and parameters are organized by apartment in excel. The data file is then uploaded and one sub project folder per unit is automatically generated. The customer and unit data is added to the sub- project and to the inspection checklists . Before hand over inspections,  all contractors run a final quality check and any deviations are remedied. The client hand over can start!

Hand over connected to the construction history

The hand over checklists are placed and connected to the 2D drawing polygon representing the apartment. The hand over and any hand over deviations will then be connected to the unit just as all other recordings during construction - connecting history data to  the hand over process. Its important to keep the same location- and parameter structure through the projekt to enable analysis during and after the project!

Mobile hand over inspection

After the upload of client  data and parameters, Unizite hand over inspections and documents have the correct customer data. 

The inspection is carried out together with the customer. Meter readings are recorded, specification parameters are checked, deviations are recorded and placed in the apartment drawing. Everything is included in the report to be approved and signed by the parts.

At inspections and commissioning of industrial construction projects,  deviations are often connected to both space, model object and system to enable status overview, follow up and planning of re-tests. 

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Create and resolve hand over and guarantee issues

During hand over or guarantee inspections, any issues or deviations are registered, documented, assigned and given a deadline for follow up and  notification. Deviations are included in the documentation and will be assigned and followed up in a Unizite workflow.


Hand over documents on site

During the hand-over inspection; meter readings and deviations are entered in the hand over checklist. After the inspection the hand over document is generated, checked by the parts, signed and saved. The signed pdf document will automatically be attached to the hand over inspection and can easily be found by opening the projects hand over inspection list, filtered by customer or apartment id. The document can also be opened and shared from the mobile on site just like any other inspection report in Unizite.


Warranty inspection and warranty issues

After the warranty period the warranty inspection is carried out. It follows the same procedure as the hand-over inspection but with different inspection points. After the warranty inspection a warranty document is generated and the warranty claimes will be managed in a Unizite workflow. The status of everything is easily found in the project overview drill down report in the mobile and in the web start center dashboard!

Create, sign and file hand over documents from the field

All formal hand over documents  are  checked, approved and  signed by the parts in Unizite. The signed document is automatically attached to the inspection and can also be filed together with all other hand over documentation in a Unizite project folder för each appartment. 

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