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Features and solutions

With Unizite, you get assured progress of your project through efficient case management, flexible inspections and generation of final reports.

Below are all available functions and solutions as well as which processes Unizite processes
provides support for.


With Unizite, you ensure progress in your project through efficient task management, flexible inspections and preparation. Click on + to read more about each feature.

Start center and project overview

With Unizite as a project tool, you have your own start-up center for the project, so you can keep track of the project's progress and identify potential risks immediately.

In this way you can get answers to important questions at work:

  • Which disciplines / suppliers were responsible for the most obstacles or deviations during the last quarter?
  • What safety deviations have occurred at the construction site since the project started?
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Unizite is available as a multi-platform app that works on both mobile and tablets. The app works just as well offline as online, with access to BIM and PDF modules. Unizite also has support for language management, which makes it easy for everyone at the construction site to collaborate regardless of nationality. Book demo

BIM viewer and drawings

Access all drawings and models on your mobile device. This makes it easy to collaborate, build according to design, solve problems and find answers when they arise, without risking delays in the project.

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Configure all kinds of checklists in Unizite to cover project needs.

The checklists in Unizite are developed to support inspections, quality and safety processes, progress reporting and all other processes on the construction site. A Unizite checklist has configurable parameters to define objects, quality requirements, or other types of information, such as the scheduled start date or responsible team.

The checklist also has links to all observations and deviations created from the checklist. Where you work directly in the drawing and create a basis for reporting where everything is compiled automatically.

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Unizite has a market-leading reporting module. Reports can be configured and then set up for manual or automatic distribution and sent out from the app or the web. Reports in Unizite can be created as Excel and Word files or as dynamic clickable reports with direct links to Unizite cases.

The flexibility of reporting is especially valuable when formal documents such as agreements are to be created, signed and shared in the field.

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Templates and permissions

Create project templates, including order types, reports and documents, to streamline and automate the creation of new projects.

Users can be part of different user groups and have different permissions in different projects. For all projects, there is an administrator who is responsible for assigning permissions. The user can either have the role of licensed user or invited user.

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Issue management

With Unizite, you ensure that the project progresses as expected with the different problem types in Unizite.

Unizite has preconfigured case types for different business processes. Where standard modules with parameters and reports make it easy to just start a project. deviation, documentation, question & answer, issue, change management and obstacles. The case types can be modified by adding parameters or adapted to a specific customer or project, and then saved as a template to be reused in future projects.

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Unizite provides support for these processes in your construction projects.

Drawings and BIM

Unizite provides mobile access to drawings, documents and BIM data for everyone on the construction site. It will be easier to cooperate, build right, solve problems and straighten out question marks as they arise, without the risk of unnecessary delays.

  • Drawings and documents can be handled directly in sub-project folders in Unizite. In this way, the assigned user group gets access to all information, with version control and full traceability.
  • Unizite has integration with Interaxo to eliminate the need for manual administration and uploading of documents.
  • Work with markings, cases and checklists directly in the drawing on the mobile. Markings, case types and checklists are individually designed and can be generated, added and opened directly from the drawing view. Checklists and cases can be filtered.
  • Share questions, discussion and information with the team and send reports directly from your mobile.


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Inspections and reporting

Unizite contains that number of configurable checklists for different inspections. The checklists can be reconfigured for specific needs or workflows.

Unizite also has a dynamic report module where you can easily generate reports according to your own design template containing text, data and images, BIM views and drawing segments.

The drawing segment shows checklists and placement of deviations in 2D. In addition to this, reports can be generated completely automatically and attached to emails for timed distribution according to configurable mailing list per user group.

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Inspection, handover and warranty

When the work has been carried out in accordance with the agreement, it is time for handover to the customer. Unizite supports the current processes and makes it possible to create formal documents that can be easily signed, shared and archived. Once customer data and parameters have been uploaded, Unizite ensures that checklists and documents contain correct customer data.

Measured values are registered, the parameters of the specification are checked, deviations are registered and placed on the drawing of the apartment. Everything is included in the report that must be approved and signed by the parties. The actual signing can take place in the field on a tablet or a mobile phone together with the customer.

In connection with transfer and guarantee inspections, cases and deviations are registered. Cases are documented, assigned, and given a deadline for follow-up and notification. Deviations are included in the documentation and are assigned for action and follow-up in a Unizite workflow.

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Safety and working environment

In Unizite, it is possible to place security matters in 2D drawings and connect to the BIM model's objects and systems, in the same way as the production's other tasks and matters. Security issues are linked to location, BIM objects and systems for security analysis and follow-up - as part of the production.

In Unizite, you will find incident reporting on the home page. The project website contains instructions and safety information such as routines, work environment plan, requirements for personal protective equipment and direct links to APD with clear marking of safety-related places and surfaces. In this way, Unizite is a solution for everything that involves security analysis, deviations and reporting of incidents.

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Proactive quality control

With the help of company standardized checklists, you can support the quality system and analyze the quality.

In Unizite, all checklists and deviations can be placed in 2D drawings per subproject. The checklists are also available in list view and can be filtered by status, control area, or other parameters. Smart and configurable inboxes are used to present checklists and quality deviations.

When quality deviations that belong to a certain quality control have been rectified, the marking for deviation is updated in both the quality control placed in the drawing and in the calendar. On the drawing checklist, progress is also shown by marking the number of completed checkpoints.

If there is a discrepancy on one of the checklist items, a case is created with a simple click. The deviation is defined by entering parameter values and location.

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Collaboration in construction projects

Cases and data compiled in a digital collaboration tool can be analyzed and used to draw the attention of project managers to potential problem areas. The information can also be used as a knowledge base in the process improvement work.

Unizites is adapted for project collaboration on the construction site. Even those who are not users of Unizite can work via active reporting links that are distributed via e-mail notifications - or by becoming invited users by the project owner or one of the contractors. With a project license for Unizite, external users can be invited and start working together immediately. In addition to this, smart reports can have more direct links used by everyone, whether you are a Unizite user or not. In this way, it will be easy to collaborate with all actors.

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Why you should choose Unizite

Make field work easy with Unizite

Instead of doing manual inspections with pen and paper or using different apps for quality, safety, analysis of projects and deviations - You can collect and do everything in one app with Unizite. You can connect the information and see it in the BIM viewer, place it on a drawing / model / map and generate reports.

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