Drawings, documents
and BIM 3D viewer - on site for everybody!

The value of mobile access to drawings, documents, BIM viewer and data for everybody on site;  is very big! It makes it easy to collaborate, build according to design, resolve issues and find answers when they arise without delays. Empower all teams with Unizite and build a positive and proactive culture.

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Latest version of drawings, documents and BIM guaranteed on site.
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The seamless Interaxo integration saves time and eliminate mistakes.
Intuitive 2D/3D BIM navigator with off-line capability!

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Manage drawings, models and versions in Unizite or use the seamless Interaxo integration!

Drawings and documents can be managed directly in Uniite subproject  folders, with Unizite user group access, versioning and trace. 

Unizite has a seamless integration to Interaxo that eliminates  manual- administration and upload of documents. Latest version guaranteed in the field!

Work with markups, issues and checklists directly in the drawing on your mobile!

Each markup, issue type and checklists has its own design and can be created placed and opened directly from the drawing view. The checklists and the issue types can be filtered and found in inboxes and list views, in the calendar and in the drawing itself. One click switch between the mobile list view and the drawing makes it easy to work efficiently.

Just by looking on a Unizite checklist symbol in a drawing you can see its id, progress and if there are any deviations connected to the checklist – click the checklist symbol and the associated deviations will highlight! The state of the deviations are presented – so you can see if there are any open deviations and open them for details, by a single click! 

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Share issues with your teams and send field reports from your mobile

Live-communication and information sharing in the field improves quality and productivity. As digital issues and work orders are updated live, the field reporting can be totally automated. A Unizite report is tailored in design a content comprising: notes, pictures, drawing location sections, object parameters and issue states. A field report of an inspection or any checklist can be created and shared from the mobile!

Intuitive BIM navigation integrated with the 2D floorplane drawings

BIM improves collaboration and efficiency  in the design phase,  reducing clashes, changes and rework. Unizite BIM on site; will do the same during construction.

The BIM viewer has multi disciplines and filter options to help you focus on the objects or systems of interest. Object information and parameters are presented directly in the viewer. The different viewing modes makes it easy to scan the entire floor plane, walk around or focus on an object for details.  Unizite is off-line and works everywhere – without any additional site network investments. 

Unizite connect the events in the production phase to the building life cycle by connecting space/object and system to the production issues, observations and checklists. BIM Collaboration in the field. 

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