Construction project collaboration

Efficient collaboration between customers, contractors, consultants and the supply chain,  results in higher quality, lower costs and projects delivered on time. The process is just as important in all construction phases – in design, pre-construction and during on site production.

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Assign issues and tasks and follow up with deadline notifications.
Find all issue types in inboxes per state - drill down for detailes.
Take proactive actions based on smart alerts and dynamic reports.

The centralized data collected in a digital collaboration software can be analyzed and used to alert project managers about potential problem areas and as a knowledge base to improve processes. The Unizite project collaboration solution is adopted for field use.  Non Unizite users can work via the active report links distributed in e-mail notifications – or just get a user from the  project owner or from a  contractor!  With a Unizite project license external users can be invited and start working together in a minute!

Collaborate in Unizite and take proactive control of your project

Register issues and RFIs with a deadline and assign them. Unizite will keep track of the issues and notify you and the assigned contractor or customer about the issue and any delay.

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Get overview by the interactive reports. Who is lagging and between what parts do we have a potential problem? Take proactive action!

Number of issues in different status between the parts can be seen in the collaboration matrix. Delayed issues will show in red – click on the red and get to the critical issues! Set up notifications to distribute the status and reminders to the contractors involved.

Smart reports with links directly to the issue can be used by everybody – Unizite user or not!

Livecommunication and information sharing in the field improves quality, time and financial outcome. When issues and progress is updated in the field the field reporting can be totally automated in Unizite.