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Completed: Computerworld
Digital Conference 19 November (Norwegian)

Computerworld invites you to the digital all-day conference Digitization of the construction industry on 19 November. Together with Computerworld's partners, they present a professionally heavy and exciting program for the day, intended for an industry that has everything to gain from increased digitization. There you will hear that the waste in the construction industry must end and they have put together an exciting panel that will discuss Digital Road Map 2.0. In addition, you will hear from exciting companies such as Veidekke Anlegg, Flyt Entreprenør and Nordic Office of Architecture, to name a few.

The conference is intended to better equip you for the upcoming digital changes. It is no secret that the industry is heading for a digital revolution, and then it is important to be as informed as possible. You can see the program for the day here.

Digitization of the construction industry will be held as a digital conference on Thursday 19 November from 09.00. As a participant, you will be able to watch the lectures directly, as well as participate in the discussion by sending questions to the panel debate.


digitalisering av byggenäringen

At Tribia, consulting manager Nicolai Loennecken and BIM-coordinator Simen Nikolai Andersen from Veidekke will give a presentation on BIM and final documentation linked together - on the way to a digital twin. There they discuss the infrastructure project E6 Arnkvern - Moelv where the customer Nye Veier demands from Veidekke that the final documentation be available via BIM. Low industry standardization and thousands of documents to be linked to the objects in the model are some of the challenges.

With the help of Bimeye and Interaxo, Veidekke has met this requirement with positive feedback. Sign up for the conference to hear more about Veidekke's and Tribia's experiences.

Click here to see the webinar.