Our partners

Cooperation that adds value for our customers is beneficial for all parties. We therefore cooperate with a few well-chosen marketing and sales partners that make our products available in new markets and customer segments. We hope that you will find they add value for you too and will be useful to your company or project. Our partners complete sales processes by proactively developing the pipeline through sales and marketing initiatives on behalf of or in cooperation with us.

Efficient project work

Visual collaboration and project work with Upwave

Upwave is a visual collaboration platform that supports our customers in organising, planning and tracing tasks that aren’t directly related to a construction project.

Get more done with intuitive visual boards. Define your own structure or use ready-made templates. Simply drag and drop tasks to visualise the progress.


Efficient, profitable and easy to use

Project management, time management and invoicing with Moment

Moment is a project-based system that provides our customers with options to customise and control external as well as internal projects, at activity and task level. Moment has lots of features that can be added to projects to facilitate project management work, such as continuously keeping track of costs and earnings alongside the project planning feature, as the project develops.

Moment helps small start-ups, medium-sized companies and organisations to improve their efficiency and profitability. Our engaging, user-friendly system is easy to implement amongst the employees and reduces the time spent on a number of administrative tasks.
Moment provides a real-time overview to help you plan and manage projects. The full overview of resources spent, costs and earnings will help you make the best decisions for your company.

Moment 2