Our customers

We have many customers, some of which have been with us for years. Most of our customers are in Norway and Sweden, but we have users scattered all over the world. Our customers are mainly from the construction industry, with which we have collaborated for many years in our product development. Our main customers are project owners and contractors, but project managers, consultants and architects are also important customer groups and our loyal ambassadors. 

Andre Thyri
Unimaginable without Interaxo

“Interaxo gives me full control over all the stakeholders’ efforts and deliveries in the project, and all the information is easily accessible wherever I am. Today, leading major delivery projects without Interaxo would be unthinkable.”

Andres Thyri,
Senior Prosjektleder Artec Aqua

Erik Hilmius
Reduce errors and save time

“We have chosen the Bimeye solution as
we can see that it will reduce errors
and save us time.”



Erik Hilmius
VDC specialist at NCC

Trond Simensrud
Easy and in control

“Communicating with customers and suppliers is now much easier. Clear visual approval processes allow for faster and better control of projects.”



Trond Simensrud,
Project manager at Hæhre Entreprenør

Oslo Harbour saves time

Construction projects are constantly changing, leading to a sea of ​​incomprehensible e-mail messages.

“Interaxo simplifies everyday life by routing relevant information to one place so we save time. The workflow system also simplifies audits, verification and accountability. We use Interaxo as it offers a common communication platform for us in the construction business.”

Erling Jenssen -  Real Estate dep.  - Oslo Habour KF.

The new National Museum in Oslo. How to keep track of documentation, change and deviations in such a large and compehensive prestige project.

NUVA uses Interaxo to work more efficient together and to save time. 

Interaxo makes building of student accomodation easy! 

The treatment plant at Mosvatnet in Suldal. “This way of working ensures all information is stored in one place and makes the information requirement considerably easier for the construction manager,” concludes Espen Vestbø at Kon-Sul.

More than 20% in time saving

“The feeling of delivering a secure project is the best. With Bimeye we are safe, and we deliver projects that are 100% right – every time! Being able to keep everything in one place in the database is important no matter what the size of the project. Before, I had to find all the details in various places, such as different Word and Excel files.”

Agnese Blaubarde
Interior Designer at Cedervall Arkitekter,