Take control of your project

It's easy to lose control and struggle with the totality of a project. It can be chaotic to keep track of all documentation, deliveries, changes and deviations - not to mention all the deadlines.

Interaxo is a new way of working. It is a safe place for you to communicate and manage your documents in the cloud. It's easy to get accustomed to this way of working.   

What can Interaxo offer?

Document Management

Interaxo makes it possible for you to store all electronic files and they remain easily accessible to all members. You can search, edit and share your documents with others and everything is traceable.


Interaxo is an effective tool for communication between all members of the group regarding documents and work processes. You can invite both internal and external members. Subscribe to changes and you remain in full control at all times!

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Interaxo allows you to automate critical processes by using workflow templates to makes sure your project gets an efficiency boost and the progress is maintained.

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Approval Process

All matters to be approved will follow a step-by-step approval process accompanied with the correct documentation, discussion history and comments. You secure full traceability in your project.

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Case Management

Interaxo is an activ work tool that continuously gives you reminders about deadlines. You can quickly find your cases and responsibilities. The action list leads to fewer and more efficient meetings.

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Tailormade for you

The groups administrator will at all time stay in full control of members, roles, grant accesses and determine the folder structure. Take advantage of our templates or create your own structure.

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Security is top priority for us and is taken care of by state-of-the-art and advanced technical solutions. We provide high-end cloud services from three different computer centers in Norway. We focus on complex solutions, security and redundancy.

Cellphone cloud

With Interaxo Mobile you have access to your projects at your convenience - wherever you are. With our mobile solutions you are always up to date.

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Own integration

We provide a public API, therefor Interaxo can be adapted into the systems and solutions you already use and work with.

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