Visual Boards

Visual Boards is an excellent tool for projects in the planning phase, within the LEAN framework. The visual presentation is based on a combination of VDC and ICE methodology, making it much easier to plan and design projects with greater precision right from start-up.

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Questions and answers

Questions and answers that arise along the way are handled on an ongoing basis to ensure projects progress as planned. Project stakeholders from different industries and disciplines post their questions and make sure they are delegated to the right groups and can thereby be answered correctly.

A joint project meeting is usually held once a week with all the project participants (ICE meeting) to go through the questions and answers that have arisen and ensure no questions are left unanswered.



Based on the project plan, the project manager can supplement questions and answers with deliveries to ensure all project participants have an overall picture of the project status.

When the project is started, a workshop can be held to decide on deliveries and ensure these are followed up regularly during ICE meetings.


The project manager can use milestones and add important dates to the planning that will be visible to the whole project team.

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