Version control and publishing

Which is the current version? What has been decided and what has changed? Always having control over what is to be built is crucial to success. In Interaxo you can follow the processes and planning and simplify communication with other project stakeholders, giving you control over everything that happens.

revidering og publisering_1

Version control

The workflow supports imports of Excel lists, e.g. a document list or drawing list with associated information. The version control also supports imports of multiple files at the same time. The files are automatically linked to the correct item, based on the document number or drawing number.

Interaxo automatically generates a new version number and version date when a revised document is uploaded.


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When a version has been approved, it can be published to a final step, ‘current version’, and be approved as the current version. The information will then be available to everyone who has access to the publishing step. This step always includes the latest drawing, model or document version.

When a new version is published, the previous version is automatically sent to the step ‘previous version’. Access can be restricted to only allow project participants to see the valid version, and the revised versions only become visible after approval.