Traceable collaboration

Interaxo has been developed with traceability in mind and is based on the experience of thousands of projects covering huge issues. Full traceability gives you better control, as you can easily see what decisions have been made and what the consequences are.

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Traceability throughout the project gives you access to the best possible decision basis
Traceability reduces risks and makes it easier to run projects
You can easily see who has done what and when, and for what reason

Traceability throughout the solution

Traceability is particularly evident in active folders, i.e. folders that are designed to support processes and simplify communication between different disciplines. Thanks to the detailed logs, the changes are easy to track.

In active folders, a document or case with its associated documents can be organised according to your own defined metadata and assigned a separate log.

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Detailed logging

The log is used actively in the project, including to see who approved a particular record being sent to another step of the audit process and the time it was done. Each logged record shows who did what, when and where the change was made. This ensures that no changes to documents or associated metadata are made without traceability.

There is also no risk of changes being made to the history, as all changes are logged. In addition, you can choose to lock all records that are forwarded to a specific step in a workflow.