Traceability and logging

Traceability and logging are two of the biggest advantages of Interaxo. Full traceability gives you better control, as you can easily see what decisions have been made and what the consequences are.



Interaxo logs all changes: what is changed, who makes the changes and where in the project room the changes are made. With these detailed logs, it is easy to track changes, not least in Interaxo’s active folders, which are designed to support processes and simplify communication between disciplines.

In active folders, a document or case with its associated documents can be organised according to your own defined metadata and assigned a separate log.



Active folders simplify the work

The active folders in Interaxo serve as good decision support in projects and can be used for, for example, managing drawing versions, changes, technical explanations, requirements and letter templates. As every case and document is assigned its own item and log, everything related to the case is held in one place. As soon as something is added, deleted or changed – whether it is files, metadata or comments in the discussion field – it is logged.

When you use active folders with workflow, the status changes for a case are also logged, and you can easily track who changed the status, which case it concerns and when the change was made. If a user sends a message to other users, that is also logged as a separate item.

At file level, there is an event log that shows who has accessed the file, by opening it in the viewer or downloading it.