We know that you as project owner want to be in control and in charge.

With Interaxo you get a market leading communication solution that will support your decision processes, how you implement changes and complete your reports.


Avoid unnecessary frustrations

Can you image a world were projects are finished on time and on budget?  Working with Interaxo - that can be your reality!

The result will be as expected, and legal disputes  avoided while you remain in full control of your project!

Blue folders guarantees easy workflow

The blue folders in Interaxo provides you with easy access to information, changes and deviations that may arise during a projects lifetime. Customize your workflow to your project to suit your needs. 


Secure traceability

It’s good to know that all communication is traceable. Every decision made is documented and you can follow the progress.  This reduces risk and makes the implementation of the project considerably easier. Traceability of course ensures that all previous documentation is kept, accessible and searchable.


Operation and Maintenance Manuals

With our Operation and Maintenance solution you ensure a continuous collection of data during the whole construction phase. This provides you with a template that demonstrates to you, your subcontractor and suppliers what they are expected to deliver during the project phase.

Get in control – plan your handover already today!

Product information on O&M Manuals

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Bring efficiency to your project!

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Project Manager

Interaxo gives you full control over your projects. Keep track of decisions, latest revision and all documentation.

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It is crucial to secure that accurate information reaches the right person - this saves you time while securing your margins.

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