We know that working as Project Manager can be rather challenging

Interaxo is the market leading solution that can help you keep track of all your drawings and models during the entire project.

With Interaxo it is no longer a challenge to coordinate drawings and models.

As Project Manager you have the toughest job that can deprive anyone from a good night’s sleep. But it doesn`t have to be like that – with Interaxo, you can restore control of both your project and your sleep.

Regain control of revisions of drawings and models

Which revision is valid? What has been decided and what has been changed?

To succed it is critical to alway be in control of the latest revisions. With Interaxo you can plan and communicate with all the members of the group. Interaxo gives you full control. 


Streamline how you collect and comply your information

Interaxo is not only a communication platform, but also a way of working you can become rather addicted to. Gather your information, re-use  workflows and templates - and regain efficiency and control in your project. Our experienced consultants are ready to assist you.


Supporting VDC technology

Are you working with LEAN, VDC or ICE technology?

Visual Boards provides you with a digital post-it note, a solution that promotes easy communication. All the members get a visual and updated action list of opened and closed tasks. 

Read more about Visual Boards
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Interaxo - The Project Managers' best friend

Reidar Ravndal, Project Manager in Consto Soer can lower his shoulders as he has regained full control of his project with Interaxo.

«After testing several different solutions, we came to the conclusion that Interaxo was the best solution for us. We were also able to customize the program to our needs. »  




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It is crucial to secure that accurate information reaches the right person - this saves you time while securing your margins.

Project Owner

Avoid unnecessary costs due to delays or incorrect purchase order. With Interaxo the final result will be as expected.