Project collaboration

Interaxo gives you access to an efficient tool that makes it easy to collaborate on documents and work processes

You can invite internal and external project members, and by subscribing to changes, you get complete control over your projects. Interaxo allows you to save all types of files so they are easily accessible to all project members. You can search for, edit, and share files with others. You also get better control over all processes, as everything is traceable.

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In Interaxo, all information is easily accessible to all actors involved throughout the project. Efficient workflows and a clear project overview make it easy to manage and keep track of all changes that are made.


Availability of information is the key to efficient projects. With Interaxo, you avoid unnecessary email chaos, as all communication can take place directly in the solution. The fact that everyone has access to correct and up-to-date information throughout the project is a huge advantage.


During a project, there are usually many changes, approvals and deviations to report and log. Interaxo allows you to easily keep track of everything that happens, as you always have access to information on when, where, what and who.

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Cloud-based project solution for efficient collaboration between internal and external project members

Document management

Efficient, secure and easy document management for all project members

Active folders

Simplifies handling of items and measures using your own defined metadata

Workflows and audits

Support for specific workflows makes it easier to make the right decision

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Version control and publication

Get full control of the current version and see who has changed what and when

Visual Boards

Efficient tool if you work and plan within the framework of LEAN, VDC and ICE

Visualisation BIM/3D/2D

Powerful viewers for IFC, technical file formats and Office documents give you access to all the information you need


Full traceability gives you improved control as you can easily see what decisions are made and their consequences

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Archiving and export

All content can be exported from Interaxo in different formats, regularly and on completion of the project

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Access control

Efficient, user-friendly access control makes it easy to ensure that the right people have access to the right information


Safe and secure collaboration solution as all data are saved in Norway and protected by Norwegian law

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Web-based solution and mobile apps give you access to your project data, wherever you are

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Configuration and customisation

The project administrator has a complete overview of members,
roles, access and folder structures

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Interaxo has an open API that is easy to adapt to the systems
and solutions you already work with