Visual Boards - for uncomplicated meetings

Visual Boards secures a common perception of what your construction project should deliver within the project group. A common problem in project management is often the lack of a collective understanding of contributions. Who is in charge and what is to be delivered and at what time? With Visual Boards you will be able to visualise the workflow with decisions, deliveries and progress in one joint model.  Visual Boards – is compatible with VDC and ICE technology.

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What is Visual Boards?

Visual Boards is a tool to help you manage questions and answers throughout your project.


Engage in more efficient and fun meetings.

puzzle people
Decision Making

Make better decisions early in the process.

positive result
Collective understanding

Correct and updated information ensures a common understanding and goal.

Do you want to know more about Visual Boards?

Contact us today for a demonstration. We would love to show you how Visual Boards can help you in the early stages of the project. 

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