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Interaxo solves the most essential challenges for anyone working in building projects. Our strength is our know-how and experience in the industry.

Secure full collaboration in your projects

With Interaxo you have all your documents, drawings and files in one place. All information is updated at all times!

Easy Collaboration

Interaxo makes information accessible for all involved parties in all phases of a project. Keep track of changes in the workflow and action lists.

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Decision Making

In a building project there are often many changes, approvals and deviations that need to be reported and logged. With Interaxo you control everything; when, where, what and who - at all times!


Accessible information is key to success in any project. With Interaxo you can avoid inefficient e-mail communication and instead communicate directly in the solution. Everyone gets the correct and updated information at all times.

"Communication and collaboration with our customers and suppliers are now much more simple. We have clear visual approval processes which means quicker and  improved control in our projects."

- Trond Simensrud, Project Manager, Hæhre Entreprenør

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Project Manager

Interaxo gives you full control over your projects. Keep track of decisions, latest revision and all documentation.

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It is crucial to secure that accurate information reaches the right person - this saves you time while securing your margins.

Project Owner

Avoid unnecessary costs due to delays or incorrect purchase order. With Interaxo the final result will be as expected.

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