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If you at an early stage of the project can analyze and outline your challenges, you will be able to work more efficient.  Take a look at some of our many add-on solutions for Interaxo - together they will help you to work smarter and faster.

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In the course of the last 20 years we have developed a solution that provides the construction business with a solid communication platform. Interaxo is today the leading communication solution offering document management, traceable communication and easy workflows.

 Interaxo is not the only solution in our portfolio. We can also offer the cloud-based solution BIMEYE and the on-site tool, Moment.

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Visual Boards

In an early phase of a project, our product, Visual Boards,  can help you to  make correct decisions.

Visual Boards provides you with an easy and visual overview of all the information and it's status - for all members of the project.


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With BIMEYE you can work smarter with your models and BIM data. Improve your way of doing calculations and procurement based on updated, synchronised data from the model. Gain access to a complete updated overview of your BIM data in a safe collaborative environment - and become more efficent working with BIM.

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Order export of your rooms in Interaxo

When your project is completed you can request an export and transfer all your data and project information. So even though you are terminating your project in Interaxo, you will keep all your information safe for the future



Moment is a project based system. It provides you with various options for customising and controlling both external and internal projects, even when it comes to activities and tasks.

In Moment you have numerous features connected to the projects enabling you to work smarter with the project management. For example; you can follow the costs and the earnings whilst the project is running by using the Project plan feature.


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