Collection of operation and maintenance data

There is a legal requirement to collect and document data for construction projects. It covers management, operation and maintenance. Interaxo will help you collect and submit data and documentation in structured and controlled forms, thereby avoiding unnecessary stress at the end of your projects.


Challenges of operational and maintenance data

Much of the additional work to collect operational and maintenance data occurs when you don’t have complete control of how to collect the information or the expectations of the operator.

  • It can be a huge challenge if a lot of information has to be collected and processed after the end of the project delivery, leading to additional work for both parties. If you start collecting information too late, it may even be difficult to obtain the right information.
  • There are often differences of opinion between the project manager and the operator regarding the expectations of the collection of operational and maintenance data, which can be frustrating to say the least.
  • In addition, many files have to be exported manually, which is time-consuming and results in higher costs for the project. Trying to create an overview of what has and has not been delivered is not always easy to do afterwards. It’s therefore important that the data are collected as you go.
How collection of operational and maintenance data work in Interaxo

Collection of data

If you choose our tool for collecting operational and maintenance data, you’ll be able to collect and follow up data during the course of the project. We give you access to a template and process that easily show subcontractors and suppliers what to deliver for each part of the building. Book demo

Continuous collection

Interaxo collects operational and maintenance data as the project progresses. As the information is collected in structured forms, you avoid unnecessary stress at the end of your projects. Book demo

Change and version control

Interaxo provides great change management and version control tools. By combining our process for collecting operational and maintenance data with the tools in Interaxo, you can rest assured that data collection is done in a controlled manner. Book demo


With Interaxo, you can add metadata such as:

  • component codes
  • component serial numbers
  • suppliers

When a document is uploaded, you get access to a number generator/document ID, which gives the document a name automatically. You can add custom rules to automate the process further.

Collection template

The collection template is based on building technology standards. US-based owners may require Omniclass, UK owners may require Uniclass and Norwegian owners may prefer Norwegian Standard 3451. Using a classification system adds a dimension to navigating the information as well as familiarity and aggregation possibilities for projects and owners.

If you have your own labelling system, the template can of course be adapted to that.

One of the reasons for choosing Interaxo as a collection tool is that you automatically get access to an extremely detailed process for collecting operational and maintenance data, without the need for a lot of extra work!

Benefits of collection and maintenance data in Interaxo

Watch how collection of operational and maintenance data works in Interaxo

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Ready to get started?

With Interaxo, you get access to a template that enables continuous collection of  operation and maintenance data.  Regarding the handover, all documentation and all metadata can be exported to other systems. By using our open API, you avoid many manual tasks, while data and documents are transferred automatically. 

Contact us today to create a customised data collection process that suits you and your business.