Efficient meeting methods

Traditional minutes of meetings can be drawn up and made available to the whole project team, and the use of action lists makes all the preparatory work easier and simplifies the audit process. Visual Boards gives you the overview you need to hold efficient meetings and ensure flexible follow-up of questions and matters.

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Interaxo will help you hold efficient and productive meetings
Use action lists to streamline the work and minimise communication via email
Visual Boards gives you a clear overview during the planning and design phase
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ICE meetings and Visual Boards

Visual Boards, which is based on the principles of LEAN, is an excellent tool for projects in the planning phase. As the visual presentation is based on a combination of VDC and ICE methodology, it is much easier to plan and design projects with greater precision right from the start-up.

Q&A boards facilitate handling of questions and answers that arise in a project, resulting in reduced administration and meeting time. Projects can also be implemented more efficiently, while making it easier to engage participants in the meeting.

  • Before the meeting, participants prepare questions and the meeting leader plans the organisation and agenda.
  • During the meeting, participants can build on their questions and get tangible answers, while meeting leaders make sure the agenda is followed. The minutes of the meeting are updated automatically in real time, as coordination, communication and decisions are handled digitally in Visual Boards.
  • After the meeting, the meeting leader transfers all closed items to the decision log and clears the board, leaving only unresolved points.

Action lists

Several of our customers have opted out of traditional meeting minutes and instead chosen to work with action lists in Interaxo, which has resulted in more dynamic working in their projects. By using action lists in projects, email communication can be reduced, which in turn makes it easier to follow up action points before, during and after the meeting.

All action points can also be tracked, making it easier for the project manager to track the current status of different matters and actions. Responsibility can also be delegated to other project participants – when action is required or a matter needs to be followed up, this is notified automatically via Interaxo.


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