Drawing Management

By approving drawings online, you ensure the quality of construction documents. Audit management gives you access to the history of all changes that have been made and shows clearly which is the latest approved version. Well-functioning drawing management is important to the success of the construction project.

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Structured overview of all drawings in the project
Order drawings yourself in Interaxo
Full version history for all drawings

Automatic list of working drawings

Interaxo gives you access to a clear overview of all the drawings in the project, divided into type (e.g. plan and section), discipline, format, scale, version, etc. This makes it easy to find drawings – and to group them and search for what you need. The drawing file opens at the touch of a button on the link in the drawing list.

As all the drawings are easily accessible to the project participants, they can print out the drawings they need themselves. This avoids mass printing and the added costs that involves.


Ordering printouts of drawings

A printing company is usually used to print paper drawings. Interaxo has a separate function for ordering drawings that is designed like a traditional web shop. Users with the right permissions can easily put a check by the drawings and files they want to order a printout of and then click on ‘Add order’. The customer is not bound by the supplier’s printing company but can use the company or companies with which the customer has an agreement.

Selecting ‘Send order’ displays a predefined order form. The form contains contact information for the recipient, sender, person liable for payment and a full description of what the order covers. Next select ‘Confirm order’. The order is now sent directly to the printing company by email, with a copy to the customer.