Document Management

Interaxo allows you to build up your own document structure, and for normal file management these are called simple folders. You will definitely recognise simple folders from Windows, but Interaxo also includes support for version control, version comments and access control.


Access control

Interaxo has a user-friendly and flexible feature for access control that can easily be administered by the customer, without any help from the supplier.

Every project room can have its own unique folder structure with member management, including support for a large number of members with different rights and roles. The rights can be defined for folders at all levels, and at file level.

Read more about access control here

Uploading and editing files

Interaxo has inbuilt support for uploading and saving all file types. Using the drag-and-drop feature you can easily upload both files and folders in the same workflow.

Interaxo allows you to open and edit Office files and save new versions. Other file formats can be locked for editing, and new versions must be downloaded and uploaded manually.


Version history

Interaxo offers full version history for all file formats. This means that a new version is created every time a file is updated, whether the changes are big or small. Version history cannot be disabled. When uploading a document with the same name, Interaxo will ask if the new document should be saved as a new version or added as a separate file.

In Interaxo, the version history of a particular file may contain different file formats, such as if a Word file is updated several times and finally saved in PDF format.