Deviation management

Dealing with different kinds of deviations is one of the most common tasks in a construction project. These may be deficiencies or errors, near-accident reporting, SJA (safe job analysis) or quality assurance checklists. A deviation can have major consequences for project finances, development and quality.

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Deviations are recorded electronically and sent to Interaxo
Full control of case management and reporting
The deviation is linked to a model

Everything in one place in Interaxo

All deviations in Interaxo can be synchronised directly to the model in our BIM viewer, either by linking to the object from the item or creating an item while you are in the model. It’s important that this information is clear when it is handed over for management, so that all information is available at object level.

As all deviations are registered in Interaxo, they can be used in other projects. You can easily create an overview of all kinds of deviations and compare them with other projects to see what improvements can be made.

Complete overview of all kinds of deviations

Create an electronic deviation schedule in Interaxo and register new deviations on your computer or directly via the Interaxo onSite mobile app.

This makes it easier to register new deviations, not least as pictures can be uploaded directly from your mobile. All deviations can be handled in a workflow that is tailored to the needs of the project. As all documentation and communication are collected in one place, it’s easy to see what remains to be done.