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Experience a seamless workflow with easy revision and deviation management.

In a project, there are often many changes, approvals and deviations that must be both reported and logged. With Interaxo you control when, where and what - at all times. You have everything in one system and one place. It makes the workday much easier, as you don't have to maneuver in the jungle to find out who has approved what.

What needs to be done?

Approval, change management, revision and deviation - all in one place. 

When you have all your information on one platform, it is much easier to plan ahead. Using our blue folders you can see where in the process an approval lies, you see what has been approved and what remains. The same goes for both revision and deviation and change management - where everything is streamlined and sorted into predefined folders.

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The right foundation makes for accurate decisions

Interaxo gives you total control and it is easy to make decisions when you always have the latest information available. With our version history you also ensure that the version you are working on is the latest and current version. Say goodbye to expensive mistakes made with outdated data. 


A good start based on solid decisions

In an early phase of a project, our product, Visual Boards,  can help you to  make correct decisions. Visual Boards provides you with an easy and visual overview of all the information and it`s status - for all members of the project.

With a common and constantly updated insight of the project, you ensure that everyone is at the same wavelength and you significantly streamline the project. By taking these measures you increase the likelihood of right decision making.

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Give your project a real boost

Easy Collaboration

Intaraxo allows you to share documents with everyone involved in all phases of the project. Keep track of revision and deviations with a step-by-step workflow.


It is easy to find accurate and up-to-date information in Interaxo - no matter where you are. All communication is set up to be traceable down to the smallest detail.

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