We know that for you as a contractor - delayed deliveries can have a huge effect on your margins

With Interaxo - we can provide you with a solution that secures your deliveries, how you distribute your documentation and how you communicate with your partners.



With Interaxo you can restore full control at any ime

With over 90,000 customers and almost 20 years of experience, there`s is no mistaking - Interaxo provides you with accurate and updated information at all times.

Version Management

Working with Interaxo you are in in control! You can trust that you are working with updated drawings and that revision and deviation has been logged and communicated. Taking minutes in every meeting is a thing of the past – Interaxo is the solution.


Change Management

During the liftetime of a project there are often changes, approvals, revisions and deviations - all must be reported and recorded. Change Management in Interaxo provides you with one common platform for all your documentation. Avoid disputes and regain full control of you project. 


Revision and Deviation

You can custom design the project's electronic deviation form in Interaxo based on your needs. It is easy to register new deviations on your computer or directly via the mobile app Interaxo onSite.

It is easy to report new deviations while at the same time uploading photos directly from your mobile device. You can manage all deviations and forward them to a workflow tailored to the needs of the project, where documentation and communication are one place. Discover mistakes and find solutions faster. Save time and money from day one!


Follow-up and Status

 We always want to make sure that you are in control and on top of status, delays, changes and decisions. Interaxo is the communication solution that allows you to set up your own action lists, while at the same time giving you an overview and letting you share information with members in the project group.


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