Customise the tools to your workflows, not the other way round

Do you want to customise your workflows to the tool you’re using or the tool to the way you work? One of the main advantages of Interaxo is that it’s a flexible solution that can easily be configured and customised to the needs of a specific project.

The solution is administered by the user so it requires no, or very limited, support from the IT department.

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You can define and save your own project room templates using predefined and customisable settings. When you start a new project, you can create one or more rooms based on the customer’s own project room templates. This gives the project access to a customised project room with the same folder structure, workflows, access control and notification settings as in the project room template.

Of course, one template cannot be used for all projects – that's why we often help our customers to create two or three different template sets based on the scope and complexity of the projects. There are of course also many projects with unique conditions and needs that require specific workflows, but that’s not a problem because Interaxo is flexible and user-friendly. The workflows can easily be customised and configured to your projects. We always recommend that our customers learn from their projects and evaluate whether specific adjustments should be made to the project templates for future projects.