Easy and traceable communication

Good communication is essential in any project.
With Interaxo as your partner - updated and current information is at your fingertips at all times.


Interaction is the key to success

Interaxo is a digital platform where you can interact with both internal and external project members – in the cloud. You can discuss and resolve issues continuously regardless of time and place. Everyone gets a complete overview of their area of ​​responsibility at all times. It is easy to create and share comments with other project members.

Kick-off your project the right way

With Interaxo as your foundation, you are sure to start off on the right foot. From the very beginning all commutation is stored and saved in the right folders and available to whom it may concern.  

All information is important, but not for everyone involved.
E-mail after e-mail with irrelevant information and you will lose traceability. We have solved this problem  by customizing folders and access control.


Document Management

Are you tired of cluttered and impersonal cloud storage services? Interaxo is designed for the construction business and provides you with easy file sharing and a superb distribution of rooms. 

Upload your files and save your project too much headache in the future. You can create endless rooms in Interaxo - with the features and functions you need. Here you can search, read, edit and administrate documents easy and efficiently.


Step-by-step workflow

There is no fixed set-up of Interaxo. You can modify Interaxo into your perfect tool to improve your workflow. You decide how the flow between process, rooms and members should be implemented.  

It`s up to you to decide what you need and what you don`t need. Your workflow guarantees that not only are documents stored correctly – you also ensure good communication across workgroups.  

We have many years of experience in the construction industry and we know what a project need. Working with us, you`re not only getting a communication platform, but you also get the expertise behind.

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Visual Boards

Visual Boards is a great tool for projects during the planning phase. Combined with working methods within VDC or ICE methodology, visual presentaion makes it much easier to plan and design the project process correctly from the start.

With a simple drag and drop functionality, you can move post-it notes from different subjects and participants, answer questions and replays, and plan further progress.

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Communicate and collaborat

Easy collaboration

Intaraxo allows you to share documents with everyone involved in all phases of the project. Keep track of revision and deviations with a step-by-step workflow.

Communication check
Decision making

During the liftetime of a project there are often changes, approvals, revisions and deviations - all must be reported and recorded. Working in Interaxo you will always stay in control when it comes to; when, where, what and who.

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