Interaxo is a cloud-based collaboration solution for internal and external project members. The solution has been specially developed for construction projects, with the focus on user-friendliness, traceability and security.


Share information

In Interaxo, users can share folders as well as one or more documents at the touch of a button. Click on Share to open a new window on the screen in which you add a recipient, write something in the subject field and optionally add a note. The message will be sent as an email to the specified recipients and contain a direct link to the folder/document. Clicking on the link will take you to the current location in Interaxo.

The active folders contain a comment field in which you can actively discuss a particular item or case. The Mention feature can further improve communication by sending messages to specific people or groups allowing you to quickly sort out any uncertainties.

The Public link feature in Interaxo allows you to share files with people who are not part of the project team.


Find information

Interaxo has smart search features that make it easy to find information. The search field at the top of the interface is always easy to access. From there, you can search for and find information based on file names, content, comments, logs, and metadata registered in Interaxo.

All documents saved in Interaxo are fully text indexed, which means that all the information in the documents is searchable.


Automatic reminders

You can choose whether to receive a night report with a complete list of all events in a particular project room of which you are a member. You can also choose to subscribe to selected folders, steps in a particular workflow, items or files in Interaxo, and you will receive an email as soon as something changes.

Clicking on the arrow next to the Subscribe button in the interface gives you a list of other users with the same subscription.