Change Management

Changes happen continuously in construction projects. The reasons are many, but usually it is due to change requests from the builder or change requests from the contractor. Whatever the reason, changes can have major financial consequences for all parties involved, not infrequently resulting in lengthy legal proceedings in pursuit of a final settlement.

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Avoid a costly legal aftermath
Get access to complete decision data
Customise your workflow to your needs
Minimise communication via email and phone

Configure the workflow to your requirements

In Interaxo you can build up relevant processes based on changes. This may include messages about changes, a change request from the contractor or a change order from the builder.

A customised workflow allows requirements to be handled in an optimal way and by the right people. Every change is logged, making all information related to the change traceable. A comment field simplifies communication between project participants, allowing you to keep the number of emails and phone calls to a minimum and ensuring that all changes are handled as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

With Interaxo, you can ensure that all internal communication on a particular change is done in one place. There are also settings that allow you to limit who can access certain information, e.g. pricing and time impact. Restricting reading rights to a small group of people can be particularly useful for sensitive matters.