Cases and tasks

Interaxo is a collaboration solution that helps you create your own action lists. It also provides you with a better overview and allows you to share information easily with other project participants to make sure you keep track of status, delays, other people’s commitments and what has been decided.

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Register action points directly from your phone using pictures and metadata
Easy allocation of responsibilities for different actions
Set deadlines and make sure automatic reminders are sent out to the person responsible for each action

Start using action lists

Actions and questions are best handled in an active workflow folder in Interaxo. New action points can be registered directly from your mobile using pictures and metadata. Registration can be done either via the mobile app Interaxo OnSite or directly in the web browser. You can use different action lists in a project, preferably with different metadata for the best possible overview.

New measures are registered at the touch of the ‘New entry’ button in Interaxo. A user with the correct permissions fills out the form in accordance with the picture on the right. This is just an example and naturally the window may contain other metadata, titles, etc. based on need.

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Configure to your preferences

All actions can be assigned to one or more responsible users and/or user groups. The folder settings determine who can be responsible for a particular action/question in the current workflow. When a user is assigned responsibility, an email is automatically sent with information that responsibility has been assigned to a particular case. The email also shows the deadline and which project it concerns. By working with action lists, the project manager gets a simple overview of the status of all actions. If you also use metadata, these can be linked to agreements, rooms, discipline/classification, priority, etc.

Before performing actions, users can communicate with each other via the commenting feature and ‘mentions’ to alert other users to what is happening. An action/question can contain multiple files as well as different file versions. If necessary, both file naming and a number generator can be used in the action list to ensure unique IDs for data stored there.